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Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is exactly what it sounds like: a digital app that makes it easy to store and use your various payment methods. Rather than holding physical cards like a physical wallet, a digital wallet stores information.


softrobotics Digital Wallet

    • Dashboard
    • Upload Money
    • Withdraw Money
    • Money Transfer Between Wallets
    • Paying Bills
    • Send/Receive Money via QR
    • Cashback
    • User Credentials
    • Workflows
    • Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Wallet

Are Digital Wallets safe to use?

Digital wallets are safer to use than physical cards, since mobile payments are tokenized and encrypted. Within a digital wallet, there are added layers of security, either as a biometric security or password protection. It’s also critical to select reputable providers.

Are Digital Wallets only for mobile devices?

Although mobile devices represent the most prevalent platform, web-based solutions accessible through a web browser on various devices, including computers, are also available.

How are next-gen wallets expected to transform and benefit merchants?

By 2025, there will be 4.4 BN! unique wallet users. Next-gen wallets link consumers to merchants providing tailored experiences to shoppers. Wallets are becoming more cost-effective for merchants. Marketplaces and super apps have increasingly integrated solutions for their merchants.

What else can digital wallets do?

Digital wallets offer more than just streamlined payment solutions; they provide a convenient platform to organize and access your documents effortlessly. In your digital wallet, you can securely store items such as credit or debit cards, boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, coupons, and loyalty rewards cards.

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