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There's no limit to what disruptors can do. We know that because of how far we’ve come together. Let’s transform digital payment experience together!

Our Culture & Core Values

Ownership & Impact

No matter where you sit, you have a direct line to the action your team takes, and real end-to-end ownership of the things you create.


As a trendsetter, you'll encounter challenges daily. We actively tackle the most significant issues in the industry, making each day fulfilling and rewarding.

Open Minded

Successes and failures are won together in a melting pot. Continuously exploring new ideas and approaches to achieve shared goals.

The Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions About Careers at softrobotics

Do you work on-site or remotely?

To put it short, we’re hybrid. We have the freedom to work remotely from the comfort of our homes and head out to work in any of our offices.

You don’t currently have a job posting for the position I want to work in. Can I still apply?

Of course, you can! Feel free to contact us if you think you are a good fit.

How do you maintain your team’s DNA?

At softrobotics, we cultivate a dynamic, unique, and pro-active team DNA. With 65% of our workforce being software developers, innovation is in our code. Embracing diversity, our 42% women employee ratio exceeds the industry average, showcasing our commitment to an inclusive future in tech.

Can you tell me about your tech stack?

Apps: JavaScript, C#, .NET Infrastructure: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Apache, Nginx, CloudFlare, Fastly Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Let’s shape your digital payments

Your digital payments tech is now easy and fast through our payment infra and value added services.